Originally from North Carolina, three years ago I decided to make Miami my home after living in Europe for 19 years. What a great decision to live and work in paradise!

I love to help people. It gives me great pleasure to assist my clients in becoming stronger, bounce back from injuries and reach their goals.  

My approach is simple. By focusing on functional movements that help your day-to-day life, you grow stronger through safe exercises- incorporating body weight, equipment and reinforcing neuromuscular efficiency.

By providing others with the skillsets to become more knowledgeable and healthier, my clients are happier. That’s why four years ago I also began working in wellness coaching (eliminating harmful products from your life and home). 

If collectively we become more mindful and at peace in our lives, our world will also be a more positive and loving place.

Together we can accomplish any goal. We only have one lifetime, so let’s focus on pushing boundaries and making you the best you can possible be!



Ashley Peeler, Owner and Lifelong Learner