I hold 1-2 International Retreats annually. These Wellness Retreats include:                                                                           meditation, exercise, organic food, afternoon activities, lectures and tools on mindfulness, detox & nutrition   



Training is done on a one to one basis, or can be organized in groups depending on the needs of the individual/s. Experienced in pre and post-natal training, senior fitness, correcting injuries, tri-athlon and marathon preparation .

Additionally, I teach classes (Tabata, TRX, Circuit, Full body, High Intensity Interval Training and Boot Camp) for groups.


Institutional/ Corporate Workshops


Looking to bring your company closer? Book a one or two day team-building workshop to maximize your potential and bond colleagues.

Want to improve the lives of your staff and reduce insurance costs? Let me help you design a weekly corporate wellness program to boost morale and ensure good health. Healthy employees equals happiness and productivity in the work force.


Wellness Coaching


What you eat, what you put on your body, and what is in your environment are just as important as staying active. I aim to provide my clients with knowledge on how to successfully tackle essential lifestyle choices.

The Artful Detox (Part I, Part II) seminars are also readily available and can be one on one or group sessions.

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, First Aid/ CPR

Vipr, Kettlebell, Animal Flow 1&2, Powerplate, Helix, TRX, and Ballet Barre certified

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